Mar 22, 2010

Red Blue CNC Background Info

What got me here... For my grad project for my industrial design degree I wanted to do something big.  As I already made a CNC machine before (more info later), there were some issues I've had with it and been meaning to do an upgraded version of it.  Since I was about to spend some money and time on it, why not spend more money and time on it by making it my year-long grad project!  Ideas and directions has changed from my early conception of what I envisioned v2 would be.

The original vision for v2 CNC was:
-to make a portable, potentially backpack sized machine made specifically for designers and artists who wants to experiment
-roughly 12"-16" cubic working area, which will do most model making people would do
-will push CNC technology forward, as I believe there has not been any vast improvements in this field in the past decade (always the same configurations, etc)
-be capable of machining materials on the surface AND below the surface as well

Before I continue with my CNC v2, let's go back 2.5 years ago to my CNC v1...

Welcome / Intro

Hello world. My name's Nicanor Santillan and this blog will be about my CNC project and other CNC-related projects. Currently I am a 4th year industrial design student at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver, BC Canada and raised in Baltimore, Maryland USA.

For my other projects, my personal portfolio can be found here:

My grad thesis project is what I call the Red Blue CNC. More info to come...