Jun 29, 2010

video: assembly and conversion


Assembly video: from parts, to standard 3 axis router configuration, to wheeled-cart


  1. I first want to say awesome job! This looks like a very elegant cnc machine.

    Do you have any plans to open source the plans? I'd like to build a smaller version.

    Again, amazing work!

  2. amazing work, congrats.

  3. Thanks for the comments! There's no plans on making plans as most people don't have the means to weld aluminum together, and I see it having some minor changes. There's some internal exploded view renderings, shouldn't be hard to figure out how to make your own version. It's pretty much just an I-beam extrusion for the main box.

    Feel free to contact me for further details if wanted. Would be great for others to be influenced to make their own modular machines instead of fixed-framed CNCs. I may make a quick crude wooden version of this machine later on myself.

  4. About welding Aluminum, why not go for Riveting?
    Archaeologists and all manner of field research Scientists, will find no end of uses for this one CNC, methinks...

  5. Brilliant! I don't know if you're proposing to add this refinement, but what about running the wiring inside the boxes? I can see there might be challenges, but it would be really tidy.