Apr 5, 2010

Enter the RedBlueCNC

I really liked the new path I was going with but felt that something was still missing.  I knew Rietveld has done many important pieces of furniture, one of his most famous being the Red Blue Chair.  This is a very important piece is the history of design.  I decided why not combine both of his pieces together (the L40 light and the Red Blue Chair) as a nod to the history, and incorporate them into my CNC...

The RedBlueCNC
As tools are usually kept in the garage, they all usually have the same cold aesthetics.  Not everyone has room to keep larger tools like CNCs in a permanent location.  One of my main original problems I wanted to address with this project is to upgrade the aesthetics of a CNC machines so users would feel comfortable in leaving it exposed in their living room instead of keeping it in storage when not in use.  What if the tool can look as good in the center of your living room like a piece of art? 

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