Apr 5, 2010

RedBlueCNC: model progress

The actual model building is going well.  The majority of the welds and drilling has been made, the X axis is operational and needing minor welds to make the Y and Z axis automated as well.  Hopefully by the end of this week everything will be ready for paint.  Final renderings hopefully will be started, as well as the exhibition display table I'll be custom building specifically for the CNC.

In spite of the time crunch, I have decided to make the rotational adapter to make the cart concept fully functional.  The rotational adapter will add some needed height as well to allow more clearance of the Z axis from the surface (estimating 8"-10" total clearance from surface to the bottom of the Z axis).  Added height can be easily accomplished by various measures as well.

I'm using 1/4" aluminum for the majority of the build.  It is a little heavier than expected but still not as heavy as most production CNCs out there.  Estimated overall weight about 60lbs.  Overall dimensions about 24" wide x 36" depth (side arm supports) x 24" height.

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