Apr 5, 2010

RedBlueCNC: more concepts

Here is my ideal concept for the wiring.  A simple flush mounted plug similar to a USB located on 2 sides on each box.  There are 2 locations specifically because if the user prefer to mount the box on the side where the wire would come out from, then it would cover the plug. 

But in the prototype world (real world), I don't have time in making a new plug so will be using a DB9 serial port plug similar to many hobby CNC setups.

One day I came across another idea of making it more portable.  If the boxes all pivot onto itself, it can be neatly stacked vertically in an organized manner.  Relocate the side support arms and attach a handle and wheels, now you have a cart in which you can easily carry your CNC anywhere!

The rendering also shows all the main components of the CNC package.  In which case the user, if preferred, can easily arrange the boxes or build a custom frame to specifically suit their purpose.

This rendering shows an upgraded concept of my wall-CNC setup.  The side support arms are flipped to allow closer access to the wall.

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