Apr 5, 2010

Prototype #3: The Beginnings of Concept B

From the end result of the full scale materials testing, I decide to go back and rethink some parameters.  Concept A's main idea is to have the X axis to be relocated from top of the machine to the front of the sliding tray.  This will enable the user to use it as either a standard CNC or as a floor mounted engraver to do CNC work below the surface, much like Prototype 2.  After contemplating this, I believed I was still limiting the users by setting specific arrangements. What if the user wants to rearrange it in some odd way, they would have to do permanent modifications for that to happen.  Though Concept A is still a big step from production CNC machines, it is still limiting on what arrangements it can perform.

This is when I had a breakthrough.  Why not put all the axis into its own separate boxes instead of relying on a permanent frame/body to enclose all the axis!  Essentially each axis will be 1 box.  3 boxes will give you a 3 axis CNC.  If the user wants to have some odd setup, they would just need to make a new frame.  More people are capable of making a frame than making new CNC machines, right?  Essentially a shop can have 3 CNC machines for the price of 1; all they need to do is transfer the boxes into the desired frame.

The pictures represent the X axis.  The idea is a simple frame can be built around it to complete your desired version of a CNC machine.  People will no longer need to know how CNC works; eliminate the complex robotic mechanics that scares people away with simplified boxes with trays that move back and forth.  This in essence will promote development of new machines by allowing people to concentrate on new technology (3d print head, etc).

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