Apr 5, 2010

Prototype #4 (RedBlueCNC): The beginning of the RedBlueCNC

As I entered the second semester of my year long grad project, I looked back where I left off from Prototype #3.  There were some issues I know I had to deal with:

1) I was not totally satisfied with the aesthetics.  Because I decided to encase each mechanical axis into its individual box, the boxes ended up being large in which the outside frames had to be bulky as well.  I couldn't minimize the frame size into a sleek compact form. 

2) There were too many boxes.  I had to simplify the box designs to simplify (in a "what if" scenario) and reduce the costs of production.  Which means I should use only a single box design for all axis.  Also mounting holes had to be universal, so any box would be able to fit any other box in any direction.

Here is my 1st concept rendering of the universal box for all 3 axis.  Mounting holes every 3.5"  Size was made based on my bearing sizes in which I wanted 3 mounting holes across for each sliding tray.  I eliminated the bottom lip of the box too allow it to be mounted on its side if wanted.  Instead the end-users can easily make their own angle brackets.

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