Apr 25, 2010

RedBlueCNC renderings

The physical model is painted and assembled.  The 269oz stepper motor isn't strong enough to pull the Z axis accurately so that will have to be upgraded soon.  There's minor backlash while the Y axis is fully extended, so will figure out a way around that.  A pulley system to keep it in-tension all the time should do the job, hopefully.  I haven't had the time to take pictures of the completed physical model yet as I'm one of the main people preparing for the exhibition show.

If you happen to be in Vancouver, the show is open to the public for free.  Opening is on May 1st and remains open for 2 weeks.  More information here:

In the meantime here are some renderings done for my exhibition infographics.

Surface engraver

 The future laser-thingy tool-head upgrade


  1. I'm IT but i have a hoby carpentry , i see you have do CNC machine, could you have Specifications of this machine please !

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