Apr 5, 2010

Prototype #3: final renderings

Here are some renderings I used during my end of semester presentations.  Top picture is the cutaway view to show the internal setup of the X axis.

All the boxes rendered: 1 box per axis.  Each box can be lengthened to upgrade your CNC without having to buy an entirely new machine.

The proposed deluxe starter kit will have 3 boxes and a basic CNC body kit in which the user can assemble in a few hours.  Not people are capable in making a CNC machine in a short period of time.

Assembly is simple:
1) bolt the parts onto the X tray box, slide the box into the CNC frame

2) Bolt the Y axis into the frame
3) Attach the Z axis onto the Y axis
4) attach your desired tool-head, in this case a hand router

You now have a desktop CNC machine!

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