Apr 4, 2010

Prototype #3: Introduction

By this time, I am starting my final year in my Industrial Design degree. Since I always wanted to update my CNC with better improvements I decided to use it as my grad/thesis project. My original intent for the project was a portable CNC that is multi-functional/transformable to allow CNC technology to progress (as I believed CNC technology has had very little progress in the past decade).

I ordered faster lead screws, this time using Acme 1/2" 8 start threads. This will be 8x faster than my old setup, going from 16 inch per minute to 120 inch per minute.  I ordered the Acme coupling to attach the motor to the screw instead of using a hose as per my earlier machines; less fuss and maintenance. Also got an end clamp for the other end of the Acme screw instead of having it free spinning; this reduces potential backlash and makes the screw more aligned all the time.

Bearings and slides are now all fully supported.  X and Y axis are using 24" Thompson bearings/slides while the Z axis is by another brand (bought separately). Motors and control boards are the same Xylotex setup from my old setup.

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