Apr 5, 2010

Prototype #3: Alternative Model Renderings

As the boxes are removable, people would be able to rearrange them to suit their specific needs.  Here are some rendering concepts in which I came up with for Prototype 3.

Floor CNC concept.  My wooden proof-of-concept prototype is setup in this configuration.  The idea here is the machine is setup specifically to do floor engraving.  You can take the machine to over sized materials that would be otherwise impossible to CNC; like hardwood floors (as pictured), table tops (to do inlays), concrete sidewalks, etc..  Replace the router tool-head with a laser or ?? to further do explorations.

Wall CNC concept.  This will allow the machine to create custom patterns directly on the wall eliminating the use of wallpaper. 

My "Thank You" rendering.  This is where I left of my first semester of a year long project.  The second half is the exciting part in which where I believe I really was able to push CNCs in modularity, and aesthetics.

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