Apr 5, 2010

Prototype #3: final prototype

This is insides of the Y axis prototype, Z axis is similar as well.  The build is rough as it is only used as a proof of concept.  The final material will be out of aluminum. As you can see the mechanics is simple: motor turns screw, screw turns nut, nut moves tray.

Here are pictures of the final proof-of-concept prototype model of Concept 3.  This is where I ended my first semester of my school project.  It is a fully functional 3 axis CNC machine.  It's setup at about 120 inch per minute, and an accuracy of about 0.015"  I used a floor engraver setup configuration as supposed to a typical desktop CNC configuration.  In this setup I am capable of doing CNC work on the surface below which I demonstrated during my end of semester presentation.  Built time: 1.5 weeks

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  1. I'm IT but i have a hoby carpentry , i see you have do CNC machine, could you have Specifications of this machine please !